Welcome to the University of Navarra Library

Víctor Sanz, Director de la biblioteca de la Universidad de NavarraApart from enabling previously unheard of possibilities, the vast technological development library systems have experienced in recent years has changed many of the established tasks and processes considerably. However, contrary to what may be expected, such changes do not render libraries unnecessary. As an institution, the library is renewed and adapts to the new situation. .

Since 1983, when the University of Navarra pioneered the implementation of automated library processes, it has continued to address emerging challenges so as to offer its users (students, teachers and researchers) bibliographical services that comprise more than one million volumes, a significant number of electronic resources, extensive opening hours, and facilities equipped with the amenities for university work, including seminar and teamwork rooms, spacious areas with wireless networks, an increasing number of computers, printers, scanners, etc.

All this is possible thanks to the work of many people, those that have gone before as well as those currently endeavouring to provide the best service to the university community in its dynamic pursuit of truth, showing their commitment to the society of which they form part. That is the main purpose of the team of professionals who work at the Library of the University of Navarra, on whose behalf I warmly welcome all those who come to see it or visit our Web page, an important gateway to the resources and services we offer. We also welcome your suggestions and proposals, keenly aware that improving the Library, like improving the University as a whole, depends on the contributions of all.

Víctor Sanz Santacruz