64 lockers in the student area:

  • Lockers are lent out for a week.
  • Keys can be requested at the Library's Information and Loan Counter.
  • After the term of the loan, you can use another locker as long as you return the key of the other locker you were using previously.
  • Users who do not return the key before the deadline will lose their right to use the lockers for a period of 3 months and their belongings will be stored at the Storage Library until that period is over.

40 lockers in the researcher room:

  • Aimed primarily at PhD and Master's degree students.
  • Keys can be requested in person at the Information and Loan Counter.
  • Lockers cannot be automatically renewed. All users must return their keys on the date indicated and the assignment process for the new term will start anew.
  • Lockers are lent out for the academic year (until June 28), and a special loan will be made during the summer period (from July 1 to August 29).
Terms of Use
The Library will not be responsible for any damage, loss, etc. of items placed in the lockers.
If users lose the key, they are responsible for paying for a replacement key and lock.


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