The development of the collection of the University of Navarra Library depends primarily on professors and researchers, who decide which titles from their area of expertise should be acquired.

The procedure is different for books and journals:

  • In the case of books, each center has one or more managers who must approve the requests made by professors and researchers from that center. Acquisition requests must be sent to those managers, who will forward them to the Library Service (Acquisitions Department) or return them to the requester.

  • In the case of the recommended bibliography, the profesor has to request it through the Aula Virtual ADI platform. More information here.

  • With regard to journals, the request requires the signature of the dean or director of the center.

Students and PAS can suggest the acquisition of new titles or more copies of existing ones by filling out this form. This suggestion will be studied for a possible acquisition.

Teaching staff and researchers may directly purchase books for the Library in exceptional cases (e.g., discontinued and hard-to-find books, especially favorable pricing, etc.).

The buyer of the book must go to the Procurement Department with the book, which will be catalogued over the following days, together with the receipt, which will be stamped for reimbursement by their School’s Administrative Office.


Requests and donations

The University of Navarra Library Service accepts bequests and donations of books, which have significantly increased its bibliographic and documentary collection and lend support to an effort on the part of the Office of the Executive Council to acquire books and journals in a cost-efficient manner.

The general criteria that can serve as guidance for those who wish to make a donation are described in the section titled "Bibliographical Donations". For inquiries, you can contact Lina Alemán de la Cámara at (or (+34) 948 425 600, ext. 802390 - 802400).

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