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Alumnos internacionales

Alumnos internacionales

Before arrival

Antes de llegar

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Before arrival

Soon you'll embark on an adventure that you'll remember for the rest of your life. You're going to live in a new place with a culture and way of life that are completely different from what you're used to. In order to make your arrival easier, the International Office has prepared this guide with all of the information you'll need to start your new adventure.

Find out what you'll need to bring to Pamplona to begin your studies and start your new life in the capital of Navarre.

desplegable-antes de llegar

We know that applying for the right immigration procedure can be confusing, which is why we have a team dedicated to helping make the process as easy as possible. Please review the information below to better situate yourself.
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The University of Navarra's international delegate team can help clear up any questions you might have about the academic programs, the admissions process or the university itself. They can also help guide you in your choice of university degree.

If there's no delegate in your country, don't hesitate to contact the International Section of the Admissions Office at admision@unav.es.

These are some of the requirements that international students must fulfill. However, these requirements vary depending on the country of origin, so we recommend that you consult the Admissions Process website for more detailed information:

  • Reservation of place

  • Accreditation of your level of Spanish (and English if your chosen degree requires it)

  • * Receipt of student visa

  • * Official recognition of your qualifications

  • * University entrance exam

  • * Request for transfer of your academic transcript

  • Medical insurance

* Students from EU Member States or who have studied the International Baccalaureate, among other conditions, need not fulfill these requirements.

The University of Navarra recommends that international students also approach public and private institutions and companies in their country of origin, as well as the local headquarters of international organizations, in order to find out about specific study scholarships and financial aid for citizens of each country.

To all U.S Student Borrowers: Participation in the Direct Loan Program.

Don't wait until the last minute to find housing. You should start the process of choosing housing at the same time as you go through the admissions process, without waiting for the result of your university application.

We recommend that you apply for admission to several centers, because there is a limited number of places in some of them and demand is very high. This applies in particular to university halls of residence, university residences and university clubs, which are ideal housing options for first-year students.

Welcome Days are held just before the start of the first semester, between the end of August and the beginning of September.

They offer students the perfect opportunity to become familiar with life at the University of Navarra and in Pamplona. They'll also provide you with the chance to meet other international students and the other students at our University.


Servicio de Relaciones Internacionales

For questions to do with immigration please email: visa@unav.es

For general questions please email: welcome@unav.es

Universidad de Navarra, Campus Universitario

31009 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 42 56 00 Ext. 80 2181


Aplicaciones anidadas

Housing for short days desplegable


En Pamplona existen diversas empresas que ofrecen a estudiantes y a jóvenes profesionales el servicio de alquiler de habitaciones en apartamentos perfectamente equipado en estancias cortas.

 Estas empresas no tienen ninguna vinculación con la Universidad de Navarra.

Aquí se relacionan los datos de contacto para poder gestionar el alojamiento con ellas.