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Internacionales BMAT *

NOTE: The BMAT is not managed by UNAV. For complete information and preparation material, please visit BMAT's website.

Please follow these steps to register for the BMAT (note: the registration process and test centers are not the same for November and February test sessions)

*Taking the BMAT more than once – If you wish to take the BMAT in November and in February, select to have your test score shared with UNAV in both sessions. The Medical school will accept your highest score. 

**If you do not select UNAV during the test session and would like to apply with your BMAT score, you will need to upload your results through your MiPortal  during the application process. 

BMAT November 2nd session

*Registration is from September 1st - October 1st (standard fee). Late registration is until October 15th (higher fee)

  1. Go to BMAT’s website for the November session:

  2. Scroll down to the part “Search for a center”

a. Select your preferred country

b. Select an assessment: “BMAT - November”

c. You need to register for the BMAT by contacting the test center. The test center will send you a confirmation of registration.

  • Alternatively you can speak with your Exams Officer/teacher about taking the BMAT at your school. Please visit the November session link for complete information.

BMAT February 10th session

*Registration is from October 2nd – January 26th.

  1. Go to BMAT’s website for the February session:

  2.  You need to register for the test using the online booking system

a. You will be directed to the Metritest page where you will locate a test center and create an account to complete the registration. 

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John Lacambria Oliver
Coordinador de Proyectos Internacionales

Contacto general:
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