Jesús M. Zaratiegui

Jesús M. ZaratieguiJesús M. Zaratiegui is Professor at the School of Economics and Business Administration (University of Navarra). He is teaching and researching on History of Economic Thougth and Economic History. Among otros aspectos (see CV), he has been working on the theory of the the firm and the entrepreneur in Alfred Marshall, aspect which was addressed in his Master's thesis (1994).

He has been Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge (1993) under the guidance of Prof. Peter Mathias, and Visiting Research Associate (1996-1997) at George Mason University, Virginia (USA) where he worked with Prof. James Buchanan, Nobel Prize in Economics (1986). And also an stay at the London School of Economics (1994) with Mark Casson, an expert on the economics of the firm.
He hold the position of Vice-Director in the Department of  Economics, 
and person in charge of the International Program (Erasmus, 1994-1997)
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