Club Solar Decathlon

We are a group of teachers and students from the Universidad de Navarra. Our main goal is to design and develop an efficient house that consumes zero energy. Nevertheless, we won't forget about comfort and design.

"Solar decathlon is an international competition among universities which promotes the research in developing efficient housing. The main goal of the teams is the design and construction of homes that consume the least amount of natural resources, and produce minimal waste during its life cycle.

Also, another high top goal is reducing energy consumption, and get all the necessary from the sun.

Participants learn how to work in multidisciplinary teams and how to face the challenges of the future of building, developing innovative solutions.

On the one hand, the jury is aware that the difficulty of creating a home which reduces the environmental impact while being a comfortable place is a hard task.

Yet, we cannot forget about the high quality of design.

On the other hand, professionals have access to techniques and processes that they can study and use. Besides this, volunteers, who are essential for the development of the Solar Decathlon, have the opportunity to share experiences with the teams and move ahead in their careers, thanks to their work during the competition.

As well as this, universities, companies and public institutions collaborate by trying these projects into real conditions. Therefore, if the result is positive the projects would be launched onto the market or improving them in a creative way."