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  • Professional Faculty

    Participation of highly prominent national and international professors, including Vicente Todolí, Katya García-Antón, Gerardo Mosquera and Íñigo Manglano-Ovalle.

  • Curatorial Trip

    The subject Curatorial Practice is structured around a work trip, whose destination changes every year. The goals of the curatorial trip are to carry out research on a region, learn about its artists, visit their studios, listen to their cultural agents, explore their spaces, read and think, and then design, propose and present a curatorial project.

    The enrollment fee covers the traveling and accommodation expenses associated with the curatorial trip.

  • Theoretical and Practical Teaching

    Students learn about curatorial practice by doing it. The University of Navarra is ideally equipped to provide instruction in this field thanks to the unique link between the University and the Museum. Students in the Master’s Degree in Curatorial Studies undertake a seven-month residency at the Museum. MUSEUM LAB 1 and MUSEUM LAB 2 allow students to rotate between the different departments, where they will acquire and learn about the specific skills in each area.

  • International Employability

    Starting in May, students in the Master’s Degree in Curatorial Studies undertake an obligatory internship period (4 ECTS credits) at international institutions (a museum or cultural center) or organizations that produce artistic exhibitions and programs.


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