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Proyección profesional


The E-MENU Master's Degree prepares its graduates to work as professionals in various environments:

  • R&D&I units within the food industry

  • Public and private research institutions

  • Hospital research units

  • Universities

  • Private practice

In addition, those graduate students who meet the requirements for admission to the doctoral program may pursue their PhD within the Doctoral Program in Food Science, Physiology and Health, which has received the Citation of Excellence awarded by the Ministry of Education, having obtained a score of 97 out of 100 on the overall evaluation made by ANECA.

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  • VII Edición Curso 2011-2012

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  • IV Edición Curso 2008-09

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  • More than 40% of students are international

  • 60% of Master's Thesis Projects are presented in English.

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