Admission involves a thorough assessment of the candidate, taking into account the academic merits accredited in the online application and their relevance to the requirements of the program.

The assessment criteria are the following:

  • Academic record: 50%

  • Résumé: 30%

  • Personal interest and motivation: 20%, through letters of recommendation received and other information about candidates provided in their application.

The purpose of this process is to ensure a matching level among class members and to identify the candidates that will get the most from the academic program.


Expediente académico



Currículum vitae



Interés y motivación personal*



 * A través de las cartas de recomendación recibidas y otra información del candidato aportada en la solicitud de admisión.

El candidato recibirá la resolución en un plazo no superior a 15 días desde el día que terminó de completar la solicitud de admisión on-line.
  • Registration

    • Se puede solicitar la admisión desde octubre hasta el comienzo del curso del máster (octubre).

    • Before applying for admission, you must first register on the Applicant Portal. After logging on to the Portal, candidates may apply for admission and attach all documentation required for the master’s degree through one single form.

    • Debe realizarse un pago de 90€ a través de una de las opciones indicadas en el portal.


    How can I apply for admission for more than one master’s degree program?

    You can apply for admission to a maximum of three master’s programs. In order to do so, you must submit an application form for each master’s program; however, you need only submit the documentation and make the payment once.

  • Entrance examination

    As indicated above, there are no entrance examinations. Admission decisions are made based on candidates’ accredited merits, including the academic record (50%), résumé (30%) and letter of motivation (20%).

  • Decisions and Pre-Registration


    Decisions regarding applications will be published on the Applicant Portal

    Los alumnos admitidos deben abonar la prematrícula como anticipo de los gastos de matrícula en el máster que van a cursar. El pago se realiza a través de una de las opciones indicadas en el portal.

  • Registration

    Admitted students will formalize registration on the dates indicated in the letter sent by the Admissions Office.

  • Languages

    - Spanish students: Spanish students will be required to sit an English level test.

    - International students: Cambridge English Advanced Certificate or 85 points on TOEFL. *

    * Students from English-speaking countries are exempt.

Contact information

Carmen Luco
Master Programs Coordinator

Information Request General contact:
School of Law
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 00 Ext. 850016


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