The Degree in Audiovisual Communication is a balance between theory and practice, and it focuses on the management and creation of entertainment and fiction audiovisual content.

It has a duration of four academic years. In this period, students will complete 240 ECTS, out of which 30 are elective. In addition to this, the faculty offers a programme they can specialize in:

International Programme of Communication in Fashion

This degree trains professionals capable of conceiving, producing and performing audiovisual content (movies, TV series, documentaries or 3D animation) designed for multimedia integration and spreadable across any platform.

The Degree in Audiovisual Communication puts the emphasis on the training of writers, producer-directors and manager-producers, profiles demanding university-level education due to the type of competencies, skills and social responsibility they require.

Contact information

Alberto Bonilla
Admission Coordinator

Request information General contact:
Campus Universitario
31009 Pamplona

+34 948 42 56 00 Ext. 802388

ESTÁS VIENDO: Comunicacion 02/02/2015

II Muestra de Cine Joven la Lumière

Proyectos Fin de Grado de Comunicación Audiovisual.

ESTÁS VIENDO: Comunicacion 10/06/2015

DOCUNAV - IV Muestra de Documentales 3º C. Audiovisual

Los alumnos de 3º curso del Grado de Comunicación Audiovisual presentaron sus trabajos en la IV Muestra de Cortos Documentales DOCUNAV de la Facultad de Comunicación, realizados durante la asignatura de Documental.

ESTÁS VIENDO: Comunicacion 23/01/2015

Contando historias en 20 segundos

Entrevista a Joaquín Rodríguez Moldenhauer, director de autopromociones de Atresmedia.

ESTÁS VIENDO: Comunicacion 02/02/2015

Alan Berliner at fcomnavarra

The American filmmaker Alan Berliner came to fcom to talk to the students about his experiences and inspiration when developing a film project.


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