International Clinical Psychology Course University of the Andes- Santiago de Chile


The main activities in each unit are: 

  • Clinical Work at the San Bernardo Health Centre [CESA] 96 HOURS

    Students will take part in:

    • Clinical meetings: Discussion regarding cases and clinical news topics;

    • Observation of assessment processes;

    • Observation of patient care;

    • Coordination team discussions;

    • Psychiatric supervision.

  • Work on devising prevention workshops 24 HOURS

    Students will participate in:

    • Planning and devising a prevention workshop (such as parenting skills, dealing with stress, self-control among children, preventing bullying or old age issues)
    • Skills training and practice to make it easier to implement the workshop;
    • Application of the workshop in two morning sessions. 

  • Theoretical basics of clinical practice 24 HOURS

    Students will take part in classes looking at the following aspects:

    • Psycho-pathology;

    • Abuse and drug addiction;

    • Psychoanalytical psychotherapy, therapy and family;

    • Adult Diagnosis Neuropsychology;

    • Child-Youth Diagnosis

  • Clinical skills workshop 40 HOURS

    Here students will receive:

    • Training on applying assessment tests;

    • Training on clinical skills;

    • Review of clinical cases, role-playing and practical activities.

    The topic list includes:

    • Rorschach Test

    • Neuropsychological tests

    • Interview and psychotherapy techniques: Adults, Children and teenagers, Family and partner 

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