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Isabel Fernández Acín

4th yearDouble Degree in Management and Law

Welcome to the Case Competition Club. This club was established to assist willing students to obtain skills that they may utilize in pursuit of academic and professional excellence. Through rigorous and stimulating cases, the ability to exercise virtues through the tests of challenge will provide us with the prowess necessary to succeed in the professional world. We hope that through participation in this club, every participant will refine their skills in hopes of excelling in their personal competency.

Alba Arqué Castella


4th year, Double Degree in Management and Law 

Fellow students, in order to learn how to navigate through a case analysis in this club, we work with an excellent method that combines first-line training with an effective solution. We are positive that it will enhance your abilities and meet your expectations. Join us in this long-term investment, because at times of crisis, knowledge is one of the best acquisitions. We are here to offer you a comprehensive learning experience.

Daniel del Pozo Farah


3rd year, Double Degree in Economics and Law

Hello everyone! Nowadays, it is very important to be capable of analyzing problems, working as part of a team, deciding on a course of action and developing skills such as critical thinking, persuasion and leadership, which are not usually obtained in the traditional classroom environment. If you are seeking new challenges, want to develop your skills and gain further experience,do not hesitate and come meet us.

Belén Diego Menéndez


4th yearDouble Degree in Economics and Law

Taking into account my university experience, I have realized that to achieve success, it is not enough to simply study out of a textbook, reinforcing the importance of exploiting everything we learn to be placed into practice. One method is to be a part of this club. We hope that your answer will be "I want to be a part of the solution".

José Francisco García Lamuño


2nd yearDegree in Management

After two years in Pamplona, I have realized that hard work and preparation are crucial to achieve excellence and success. Dreams are to be set high, thus, we shall prepare ourselves to fulfill all our goals. The Case Competition Club was created for ambitious students, seeking technical insight in case studies and case analysis.

Juan Ignacio Correa Mackliff

1st year, International Foundation Program

Would you like to be part of a great working atmosphere? Would you like to learn how to give a smart approach to a complicated case? Would you like to develop the most sought after skills by firms? Would you like to interact with people you share interests with? If the answer is yes, join the CCC! We are waiting for you!

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