Current seminars

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  • The seminar series of the School is organized by the Banking and Finance for Society (BFS) and Industry for Society (IFS) research groups.

  • All the seminars take place on Thursdays at 12:10, unless otherwise indicated below.


  • all the seminars take place on Thursdays at 12:10, unless otherwise indicated


Thur., 14th

Takuma Kimura​ (Hosei University)

“Emotional and political aspects of working in a functionally diverse team —Emotional intelligence and
political skill as antidotes for diversity stress—”

Thur., 28th

José Luis Pinto Prades ​[internal]



Thur, 05th

Elena María Díaz Aguiluz​ [internal]

“Forecasting international stock market returns through global economic activity”

Wed, 11th

Andrés Mesa Toro​ [internal]

“Cobbler, stick to thy last: the disciplining of risky growth in credit unions”

Thur., 19th

Christian Bjornvskov​ (Aarhus University)

“Do voters dislike liberalising reforms? New evidence using data on satisfaction with democracy”

Thur., 26th

Marcello Sartarelli ​(Universidad de Alicante)

“The price of entrepreneurship. Evidence from the lab”


Thur. 02nd

Andrés Mejía​ [internal]

“A maturity model of innovation intermediation capacity for business associations (MMIIC)”

Thur. 09th

Markus Scholz​ (FH Wien)

“Why creating shared value is not enough”

Thur. 23rd

Valerio Incerti​ (INSEAD) - job market seminar

“On the impact of multiple team membership on a system of teams’ performance”

Thur. 30th

Rigas Oikonomou​ (University of Louvain)

“Long term government bonds”


  • all the seminars take place on Thursdays at 12:10, unless otherwise indicated



Thur. 15th

Ines Black​ (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) - job market seminar


Thur. 22nd

Conrado Cuevas​ (University of Warwick) - job market seminar

“The pied piper of pensioners”

Mon. 26th

Jesús Gorrín​ (London School of Economics) - job market seminar

“Effects of immigration on investment”


Thur. 01st

Ariel Burstein​ (UCLA)

“Tradability and the local market impact of immigration: Theory and evidence from the US”

Thur. 15th

Ugo Panizza​ (The Graduate Institute, Geneva)

“Local crowding out in China”

Fri. 23rd

Encarnación Guillarmón Soarín​ (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

“CEO’s debt-based compensation and CSR. Its effect on risk and performance”


Thur. 12th

Andreas Mueller​ (Columbia Business School)

“Job search behavior among the employed and the non-employed”

Mon. 16th

Jorge Pozo​ (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) - job market seminar

“Macroprudential policies in open economy”

Thur. 19th
Markus Kinateder​ [internal]

“Airbnb, Uber and renewable energy: Selling, buying or both?”


Thurs. 03rd

Christian Fons-Rosen ​(Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Thurs. 10th

Jordi Ripollés Piqueras ​(Universitat Jaume I)

Thurs. 17th

Diem Van Nguyen ​[internal]

Thurs. 24th

Patrick Gottfried Behr ​(Getulio Vargas Foundation, FGV)


Thur. 31st

Gabriel Natividad ​(University of Piura)