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ESTÁS VIENDO: Economia 10/08/2012

Programa de intercambio. Facultad de Económicas. Universidad de Navarra

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170 _
students participate in exchange programs each year
11 _
nationalities represented among the School's faculty
101 _
exchange agreements
36 _
international faculty members
international students
more than 50 subjects in English

In his own words

"Studying at this School is a complete experience. Not only is the atmosphere international, but it is also an exceptional academic environment."

José María Cincunegui

ESTÁS VIENDO: Economia 21/09/2017

Carreras profesionales de la Facultad de Económicas de la Universidad de Navarra

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the employment rate for the School's graduates
215 _
students did internships during the last academic year.
53 _
career guidance sessions

In her own words

"The University of Navarra is a good recruiting ground thanks to the complete and comprehensive background and experience of their students in terms of skills and their level of preparedness and training at IESE and abroad."

Cristinta de los Reyes, Deloitte

ESTÁS VIENDO: Alumni 08/09/2017

Programa IESE. Facultad de Económicas de la Universidad de Navarra

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50 _
students participate in the program

In his own words

"I believe it is important that students in their final year learn using the same methodology, the same cases and the same problems that I use with managers at all levels in a good business school."

José Ramón Pin,Professor of Human Resource Management at IESE Business School


ESTÁS VIENDO: Economia 12/09/2017

La Universidad de Navarra participa en una Case Competition en Nueva Zelanda

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2009 _
the year in which the School won first place in the Global Business Case Competition (University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business, USA).
4 _
international competitions attended by our students.
3 _
business competitions
2 _
internal competitions
90 _
More than 90 students participate each year

In her own words

"It's a very useful experience because you learn to work in teams, manage your time, improve your communication skills and apply the knowledge you've acquired to real life."

María López Fernández, participant in the New Zealand Case Competition

ESTÁS VIENDO: Alumni 10/08/2012

Presentación Cátedra Empresa Volkswagen-Universidad de Navarra

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of our teachers are dedicated full time to teaching and research, and a high percentage have PhDs.
40 _
students involved in research projects each year.

In his own words

"The pursuit of excellence in research contributes new knowledge to the field, disseminates it, and promotes new projects and research teams."

Ricardo Mateo, Professor, Department of Business Administration

ESTÁS VIENDO: Economia 10/08/2012

Cómo afrontar tu primer curso. Facultad de Económicas de la Universidad de Navarra

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of students have a personal advisor.

In his own words

"Professors play a much larger role than simply teaching. They become guides who are always ready to help in the academic, professional and personal arenas. All the academic staff put their heart into this difficult task of personalized guidance by accepting it as a natural part of their job and part of their duty as educators. You don't see that in many places. Your advisor will help you, not by deciding for you, but by helping you formulate different options for the situations you face, so that you can choose the one that best suits you."

Gonzalo Arana, former student

ESTÁS VIENDO: Economia 08/09/2017

Nuevo edificio de Económicas, Másteres y Derecho de la Universidad de Navarra

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9 _
undergraduate degree programs, including 5 international programs.
15.530 _
square meters in the School's new headquarters.
3 _
master's degree programs
1000 _

In his own words

"Using this extraordinary training as a foundation, students will meet future financial challenges through the excellent analytical and managerial skills they acquire."

Miguel Ángel Prieto (Banco Popular), professor on the Master's Degree in Banking and Financial Regulation program