Document delivery (CIMA-CUN)

What does the CIMA-CUN digitized document delivery service offer?

  • The service delivers, via email, a digital copy of articles from journals in the Science and CUN libraries that are only available in print format, within approximately 24 hours.

  • CUN users can only request items from the Science Library. To access journals located in the CUN Library, you must go there, since it is located in the same building..

At whom is the CIMA-CUN digitized document delivery service aimed?

  • The service is aimed at healthcare personnel and researchers at CIMA and CUN, according to the list of users sent periodically by the management of both centers.

  • To access the form you must enter your email username (the part before the @) and password. This access control ensures that you belong to the group of people authorized to use the service. If you cannot make your request, it is possible that you are not registered in the system. Send an email with your information to


Digitized document delivery (Science Library-CIMA-CUN)

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