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Follow up to doctoral students. Research. University of Navarra




Nested Applications


The University has a computer application that allows the student to enter all the training activities that they carry out throughout their training.

It includes the information in free text based on pre-established categories, and offers the possibility of attaching the documentation required for each activity.

The student must share their content with their Thesis Director and certain authorized users who may also propose the carrying out of activities (DP Coordinator, School Steering Committee).

There is the possibility of exporting all the data to a PDF document that will configure the student's activities document.

All students enrolled in the doctorate already have access to the application via the web.




Once the enrollment in the first year of the doctorate has been formalized, the student must upload to the miUNAV portal the “Documentary Follow-up Commitment” with all the signatures.

The student will present before May 1 to their Thesis Directors the Application for admission of the research plan (according to the attached application template) and the PDF with the document of activities carried out to date.

The student must obtain approval of the plan before the start of the next academic year.


Students of higher courses

Before May 31st, the student will present the Research Plan and the Activities Document (RAFD) to their Thesis Directors.

The annual monitoring will be carried out by the Academic Committee based on the following documents:

  • Report of the Director of the Thesis on the activity carried out by the doctoral student.

  • Activity Registration Document.

  • Research Plan presented by the doctoral student. The document of the "Research Plan" must be updated, incorporating in the space of the current academic year the details of the research activity carried out this year and the planning for the coming year. It is important to save this document to add the corresponding information to each course.

A positive evaluation will be an essential requirement to continue in the program. In the event of a negative evaluation, which will be duly motivated, the doctoral student must be evaluated again within six months, for which purpose a new Research Plan will be drawn up. In the event of a new negative evaluation, the doctoral student will permanently withdraw from the program.

The Program Coordinator will complete, in the month of June of each year and after the evaluation by the Academic Committee, a record with the list of students of the Doctoral Program who may be awarded the qualification of "suitable", "no suitable".