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Accepting Benedict XVI's challenge: Looking for new representations in religious teaching

Libro: Creative Pluralism? Images and models in science and theology
Lugar de Edición: Halle (Saale)
Editorial: Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Página Inicial - Final: 115 - 124
ISBN: 978-3-00-072022-2
Resumen: Science-driven models shape current human understanding of the universe. It is no longer the Bible but science that provides the most basic common language of our global society. However, religious teaching usually neglects this scientific framework by adhering to old-fashioned images, which are allegedly more respectful of transcendental truth. Consequently, scientists of western countries are prone to dismiss the cognitive value of religion, and initially religious grown-ups become unable to form a picture of the universe in which science and religion may play a complementary role. This contribution aims to meet the challenge introduced by Benedict XVI, who assumes the view of reality provided by science and spurs theology to change its language. More specifically, I claim that religious catechesis needs to change worn-out representations in three key issues: the creation, the origin of humankind, and the subsistence of the human soul. I will also defend a fresh understanding of the relationships between nature and God stemming from God¿s immanence in creation. Understanding God¿s unique causal power as the foun- dation of ultimate determination might prompt the renewal of religious representations in full respect of scientific achievements.