ILCE ‘s White Papers

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ILCE ‘s White Papers are authoritative reports written by ILCE researchers to concisely inform readers about complex issues in the field of Second Language Learning, Teaching, and Testing.

These position papers are meant to explain how ILCE understand critical issues in Applied Linguistics such as the goals of second language learning and teaching, the complexities of proficiency assessment, and changing thinking patterns, voice, and personality when learning new languages.

ILCE's White Paper Series:

(1)  "Global Responsible Academic Literacy: Learning a Language with Purpose in A Connected World". Eduardo Negueruela Azarola (Spring 2018)

(2)  "Capturing Expertise in Changing Circumstances: Proficiency as Adaptability" (Fall 2018)

(3)  "Why I Don't Have a Voice in Spanish: Personality and Language Learning" (Spring 2019)