Accreditation Processes

The National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) is responsible for the external processes involved in academic staff assessment through the following programs:

  • The Academic Staff Assessment Program (PEP) for recruitment by a public or private university.

  • National accreditation program for joining university teaching bodies, i.e., senior lecturers and professors (ACADEMIA)

  • Exemption from fulfilling the requirements when applying for accreditation as a university professor.

The Academic Staff Recruitment Assessment Program is designed to assess academics' teaching and research performance for the purposes of recruitment by public or private universities.

In the case of candidates who may be recruited by any Spanish university, ANECA carries out assessments free of charge all year and issues a certificate that is valid throughout Spain for an indefinite period of time.

This type of assessment is a compulsory requirement under the Organic Law on Universities for the recruitment by public and non-state universities of academics who do not belong to any of the civil servant teaching bodies:

  • senior assistant professor

  • private university professor

  • associate professor

At least 60% of the doctoral professors at private universities must have been positively assessed by ANECA.

  • Criteria

    1. A series of Principles and Guidelines has been established for application of the academic staff assessment criteria. These are also accessible through the ANECA website and the General Directorate of Universities website.

    2. The assessment criteria are quantifiable and maintain a common core for all areas of knowledge within each of the contractual positions, and it is possible to include specific features for related areas of knowledge.

    3. The Committees are internally structured into assessment fields that group together related areas of knowledge. The report is issued jointly. In the event that the area selected is assigned to several assessment fields, applicants must indicate which of these they wish to be assessed. 

    4. The assessment criteria are divided into blocks of qualifications in terms of research activity, teaching activity, academic training and professional experience, with a different weight for each of the contractual positions. The qualifications are presented by means of a standardized résumé, which is the same for all positions, and divided into the abovementioned blocks, with a self-assessment section to enable applicants to assess their most relevant qualifications.

    5. The assessments for the different contractual positions will be validated in such a way that a positive assessment for the position of associate professor will automatically qualify the applicant to be recruited for the positions of senior assistant professor and private university professor. 

    6. In certain cases where academic staff members belong to university teaching bodies, or have been authorized in accordance with the LOU, the applicant will receive automatic qualification without the need to apply for assessment. 

    7. The reasons for negative results will be communicated in such a way that candidates will receive relevant information on the quality of their résumé that will be a useful guide for future lines of work.

The ACADEMIA program is aimed at assessing the teaching and research activity of academic staff for the purposes of obtaining an accreditation certificate in order to join the civil servant teaching body.

Accreditation may be requested for the following teaching bodies:

  • Senior university lecturers

  • University professors

  • Procedure

    The accreditation process for university teaching bodies is regulated in accordance with Royal Decree 1312 of October 5, 2007, which establishes the national accreditation for access to university teaching bodies. 


    1. Photocopy of National Identity Document (DNI).

    2. Application form (3 copies)

    3. Résumé

    4. Disclosure statement

    5. Authorization

    6. Documentation that accredits the qualifications indicated

    The application and the résumé must be submitted through a computer application. After entering all qualifications in the résumé, it must be validated; this generates three paper copies of the application form (two to be sent to ANECA and one for the applicant). The application form should be signed and attached to the rest of the documentation that makes up the assessment file.

    For the declaration and authorization, the following forms must be completed:

    The qualifications indicated must be justified:


    Quality indicators for publications.

    In order to find the impact index for each publication, you can check the information provided by the University Library Services, in addition to other indicators for assessing the quality of publications.

    Requests may be sent at any time of year, since the call for applications is permanently open.

    The maximum period for resolution is 6 months. If an unfavorable decision is received, a new application cannot be submitted until 18 months have passed following communication of the decision.

  • Accreditation application requirements

    Senior lecturer

    • Applicants must be in possession of a doctoral degree.

    University professor

    Applicants must fulfill one of these requirements:

    • They must be in possession of a doctoral degree and belong to either the academic body of senior lecturers or that of university professors.

    • They must have been in possession of a doctoral degree for at least eight years, and have a positive report on their teaching and research activity from the University Governing Board. To obtain this report, ANECA has implemented the exemption procedure for accreditation as a university professor.

    If you would like any further information about the process, please contact us at the following email address:

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