Scholarships and financial aid

From the beginning, the University of Navarra has worked to ensure that no student should have to give up on their dreams for financial reasons.


A personalized cost and scholarship analysis

If you want to study at the University of Navarra, we want to help you come. Request a personalized cost and scholarship analysis and we will advise you of the cost to you, as well as all the scholarships and financial aid you are eligible for.

What financial aid is available to me to study in the University?

Personalized fees

Get information about our personalized fees, discount and degree incentive plans.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Find out about the scholarships and financial aid offered by the University, public bodies and other institutions.

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Find out about the various financing options with various banks.

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How  much does it cost to study in the University?

Our calculator estimates the First Year costs for degrees at the University.  This estimate will be validated by the University once you have sent in an application with the relevant documentation.

If you do not wish to use the calculator and would prefer to know the standard registration fee for the degree, click on the following link: How much does it cost to study in the University?

Collaboration scholarships

Becas de colaboración para estudiantes

Collaboration scholarships are managed by the Admission Service (Study Financing Office) and are aimed at those people enrolled at the University of Navarra who want to reconcile their studies in a Department or service of the University to help finance their studies.

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