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Personalized price. Undergraduate degrees. University of Navarra

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The personalized fee structure takes into account discounts and the Degree Incentive Plan for undergraduate students. Discounts applied in certain cases must be accredited at registration, by presenting the necessary information / documentation.

The Degree Incentive Plan is a system of special tariffs for students in financial need, to support their degree studies in the University.

Some of these discounts may be mutually exclusive. Everything you need to know about personalized fee costs is presented on this webpage.

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See information below on all the discounts available to you

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Discounts for large families

Discounts for large families

The University aims to reward the commitment and loyalty of large families investing in the education and future of their children.

The discounts available are based on the number of children enrolled during the same academic year in the University and the relative position of each in the family.

Consult the discount database


Honors in 2nd year of Bachillerato

The discount on the tuition fee represents a 16% reduction on the cost of ordinary tuition. A certificate attesting to this qualification is required and the discount is only applied to enrollment in the first year.

In order for international students to prove that they have obtained in the year prior to the university entrance, it is necessary that their educational center certifies that they have the highest grade obtained in the scale of their educational system and that their average is in the top 5% of the best of their promotion in the course taken just in the year of access to the University.


Degree Incentive Plan

Nested Applications



The Degree Incentive Plan is a system of special fees available to students in financial difficulty (who meet certain conditions) to register for degree programs in the University of Navarra.

  • Annual family income per capita for the year 2019 of less than €20,000.

  • Application for admission to First Year of an official degree program taught at the University of Navarra in the academic year 2021-22.

  • The student must have been in final year of high school or Professional Training (FP) in 2020-2021, and obtained an average score of 7 in their High School Diploma (Year 1). Note that some degree programs have a higher entry score requirement.

Those who are interested in the Plan must request a personalized cost and scholarship analysis via the miUNAV portal, accompanied by application before 16 June 2021.

Decisions based on the personalized cost and scholarship analysis enabling access to the Incentive Plan will be made within the published admissions deadlines.

*The International Foundation Program is included.

  • In subsequent years, all registered credits in the ordinary and re-sit examination periods are paid at the rate set in the student’s First Year (adjusted by the University for inflation).

  • Subjects graded “FAIL”, “Not Present” or “Withdrawal” are regarded as failed subjects.

  • The plan does not cover credits on repeat subjects. The credits on failed subjects are charged at the same rate as for all other students.

  • The registration should cover the (minimum) number of credits approved in the syllabus for the academic year at hand.

  • The registration fee can be discounted only when a grade of Distinction was awarded in High School Diploma (Year 2), and in High School Diploma (Year 1).

  • It is not possible to combine discounts in the Discount Incentive Plan, with the exception mentioned in the previous point. The most beneficial discount is always applied for each student.

  • The Degree Incentive Plan is compatible with the Alumni Scholarship Program.

If you require more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office in Admissions by sending an email to becas@unav.es or by telephone at (0034) 948 42 56 14.