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"We desire to be an academic institution with an international atmosphere; one that imparts a high quality education, grounded in the major principles of Christian thought: the desire to discover truth, respect for all, openness to the transcendent destiny of man, solidarity, and help for those most in need"


Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero


Born in 1961 in Salamanca. Dr. Sánchez-Tabernero holds a licentiate and doctoral degree in Informational Sciences from the University of Navarra. He is a professor of Information Industries and has directed the Masters in Management of Communication Industries.  He has taught Structure of Periodical Information and was the vice president of the department of Social Sciences and the School of Communications at the University of the Basque Country. In 2007 he was made a full professor (or tenured professor). Dr. Sánchez- Tabernero was also the dean of the School of Communications at the University of Navarra between 1996 and 2005.

He is PDG for the IESE at the University of Navarra and a Visiting Fellow of the European Institute for the Media (Dusserldorf, Germany). He has also been a visiting professor at the University of Manchester (1990-1992) and at Northwestern University in Chicago (1996). He collaborated with the Institute for Media and Entertainment, a center supported by IESE and the School of Communications in New York. He was also the president of the European Media management education association (1998-2004).

His research is centered on various aspects related to the strategic direction of communications industries. Among his books are, "Las empresas informativas de la Europa sin fronteras" (with C. Garitaonaindía), "Media Concentration in Europe. Industrial Needs and the Public Interest", "El mercado de la información en España" (various authors), "Transparency of Media Control in Spain" (with L. Corredoira), "La industria cinematográfica en España" (with S. Zunzunegui), "La industria de la comunicación" (ed.), "Servicios Comerciales de Información" (with A. Nieto), "Estrategias de marketing de las empresas de televisión en España" (various authors), "Media concentration in Europe. New Trends and Challenges" (with M. Carvajal) and "Dirección estratégica de empresas de comunicación".

Among his most recent publications are "Los contenidos de los medios de comunicación: Calidad, rentabilidad y competencia", 2008, ediciones Deusto, and "Innovación en los medios. La ruta del cambio", 2012, with professor Javier Pérez-Latre, EUNSA publishing.

From 2005-2007 he was the first vice president of Institutional Communications at the University of Navarra, after which he was the vice president of International Relations until 2012 when he was named the rector of the University of Navarra.

He continues to teach classes in the School of Communications and advise students.

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