Previous Cases

Our cases have a copyright which must be respected. Therefore, we have published a list of past cases used in our competition, all available for purchase in IESE Publishing (IESEP).

IESE Publishing is a leading distributor of management and business leadership teaching materials in the Spanish-speaking world. Its goal is to contribute to research and education through the distribution of teaching materials developed by professors at IESE and other schools. Our teaching materials facilitate the learning process, the development of skills and the revision of attitudes that take place in IESE's classrooms and in other management schools. 

3- hour cases:

El Caserío, Natural Delights

Lagravera: The wine that springs from the rocks


24- hour case:

Muñoz Group: Sustaining Global Vertical Integration Through Innovation

3- hour cases:

- Bitcoin: Deciphering the Crypto-Currency 

- Caser: Adapting to Change


24- hour case:

- Bodegas Torres: Reinventing Wine


3- hour cases:

- Dodot: The Introduction of a Basic Line in the Iberian Peninsula

- The Loewe Group (A): A New Industrial Model and Commitment to Lean Management?


24-hour case:

- Intrapreneurship in Telefónica: Wayra, a Company Faster Than the Wind