Reasons to take the course




Internationalization. Determined by the presence of students from different countries, work placements offered in foreign schools and the chance to obtain official certificates to be able to take subjects in another subject.

IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate)



IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate). First Master's Degree in the country offering this specialization.

Online study



Online study. 7 credits between October and December.

Quality of the teaching and the teaching staff



Quality of the teaching and the teaching staff. 35% of professors originate from or are in direct contact with the world of teaching.

5 specialties



5 specialties. Human and Social Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Language and Literature, Modern Languages and Careers Guidance.

Work Placements 200 hours / 9 weeks



Work Placements 200 hours / 9 weeks. Help to tie in knowledge acquired on the course with attitudes and skills required to work in a real teaching job.

Applying ethical principles



Applying ethical principles. To tackle the complex reality of teaching and questions raised by the profession.