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Are you ready?

We’re open to welcome more IC members this year!

Volunteer Offer: International Committee Member

As an IC member, you are part of our International and Spanish students volunteers who are passionate to provide exceptional guidance to new students that contributes to our international campus life. Acting as a first-line to welcome all international students, not only in your classes but also on the different activities on campus. You will communicate in an open, respectful and engaging tone to those new students who seek guidance and help them in settling into Pamplona and this new experience.

You will connect to other IC members, and the International Office staff to answer questions and addressed issues. Also, you will work with other members as a team to resolve doubts or escalate important issues, and last but not least you will serve as an ambassador to our brand: Universidad de Navarra, rocks!.

Open Call desplegable

  • Good personal organizational skills

  • Ability to work in a team

  • People Person

  • Passion and responsibility for helping others

  • Good problem-solving skills

  • Ability to work on own initiative and generate new ideas

  • Good level of spoken English. Other languages are a plus!

  • Plus! Customer Service Skills, previous experience with working with the public, and experience abroad

Our select group of IC members helps us (International Office) to give support to the international population on campus, improve intercultural awareness, and promote inclusion. So we are a people person, pretty open and fun!

  1. You find out about this opportunity or your “amigo motivado” invite you to apply

  2. You read the offer

  3. It piques your interest

  4. You tell us you are interested (calling or shouting your friend, but we need it for you to do it formally so, you Apply by filling out the form!! Click on the BLUE BOTTOM with the yellow letters below)

  5. We sent you an email with an excel, please fill out by creating an appointment so we can meet and chat!

  6. You meet the team!

  7. You tell everyone how amazing your life has become and invite others to join!

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