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Becoming an International Committee member is one of the most enjoyable things you will ever do as a student. It’s a fulfilling way to help the student community, as an opportunity to make an impact on international student life, shape their stay on campus for the better, and create lifelong friendships.

As an IC member, your role is to support international students through specific programs organized by the International Relations Office.

Become an IC Member desplegable

All International Committee members must be students of the University of Navarra for their full degree. If you will be on a year abroad the current year, you may apply now and join the team the following year.

An IC member has:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Passion and commitment to helping international students

  • Enthusiasm and commitment to the University of Navarra

  • Good problem-solving skills and the ability to work with initiative

  • Sensitivity and consideration for people's feelings and the ability to empathize with others regardless of race, culture, or religión

  • a good level of spoken English

Some desirable skills

  • Previous experience working with the public or volunteering

  • International experience

  • Knowledge of a second or third language would be ideal

  1. Must be available to work during August, September, and January of the same academic year for International Welcoming Days activities (unless you are on exchange).
  2. Make international students feel welcome in your classes, and try to introduce them to your classmates.
  3. Helping with the Buddy Program.
  4. Give tours of the University of Navarra to different audiences.
  5. Assist the International Relations Office with social media marketing.
  6. Help with campus-wide activities organized by the International Relations Office.
  7. You may be asked to help an international student through a particularly difficult period of culture shock, or even to take him to the hospital / talk to his landlord, etc. Since the student might not be able to communicate in Spanish.
  8. Compulsory attendance at all training sessions.
  9. Other duties, as long as they are consistent with the role of the International Committee.

International Committee members must be available to work during August, September, and January of the same academic year for International Welcome Days activities. This is the busiest period of work and members are expected to commit to multiple full days of work during these weeks.

We also organize the UnavUnited Week, an event that celebrates cultural diversity in the University and seeks to bring together national and international students.

For the rest of the year, hours are variable depending on the work needed and on your availability. Current members work a few hours per month on average. Occasional weekend work is available.

If successful, you will continue to be an International Committee member throughout your studies without having to reapply each year. You will also be able to continue as a committee member on a volunteer basis after graduation.


Applications are open during May and September. Don’t think it twice!

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