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Global Challenges and Young Scientists’ Collaboration (GCYS)

March 11th, 2021

“Global Challenges and Young Scientists’ Collaboration” is a student-driven initiative supported by several European academic and research institutions like the Institute of Tropical Health of the University of Navarra (ISTUN), the Spanish Society of Tropical Medicine and International Health (SEMTSI) and the Spanish Society of Parasitology (SOCEPA).

The world we live in is marked by continuous change and faces new challenges every day. It is our goal to awaken the interest of young students in the health field to reflect, analyze and question these changes, so they are better equipped to become the next leaders of the scientific community.

GCYS consists of a series of online webinars in which we will meet with leaders of the health, pharmaceutical and scientific fields to touch on relevant subjects like Covid-19, vaccines and climate change, among others.

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Aplicaciones anidadas



May 12th, 2021 (zoom)

19.15 h – 20.00 h. Shelby Bourgault: “COVID-19 and the Indirect Health Impacts for Women and Girls”

Shelby Bourgault, MSc in Gender, Development & Globalization by the London School of Economics, is a research assistant with the Gender and Development program at the Center for Global Development in Washington D.C.  She previously worked at the International Center for Research on Women as a program associate, where she gained experience and specialized in gender equity, economic empowerment and livelihoods issues.

In this webinar, Shelby Bourgault will give us an insight into the indirect effects COVID-19 has had on women and girls’ health.

March 11th, 2021 (zoom)

19.15 h – 20.00 h. “Global change, emergence and spread of infectious diseases”
Prof. Dr. Dolores Bargues: “Snail-borne trematodiases”

Dr. Dolores Bargues, PhD and Professor of Parasitology at the University of Valencia, is the first female President of Sociedad Española de Medicina Tropical y Salud Internacional (SEMTSI) and the Subdirector of the WHO Collaborating Center on Fasciolasis and Its Snail Vectors. She is also Subdirector of the FAO-United Nations Reference Center for Parasitology.

Dr. Dolores Bargues has dedicated great part of her career to research of vector-borne diseases such as Fasciolosis, Malaria, Leishmaniasis or Chagas disease.

In this webinar, Dr. Dolores Bargues will explain how the emergence of snail-borne tropical diseases can impact our society not only health-wise, but economically and socially as well.


Why should you attend?

These webinars are a great opportunity to hear from prominent figures involved in Global Health. You will not only learn about different topics, but you will also be able to ask questions and share your concerns with young people and future scientists.

Location: University of Navarra (Pamplona Campus). Calle Irunlarrea, s/n, 31008 Pamplona

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Organizing Committee



  • Sara Trullos: Co-Chair of the International Relations Committee, Co-Chair of the Debate Moderation Committee
  • Andreina Culebras: Co-Chair of the International Relations Committee, Co-Chair of the Publicity Committee
  • Ainhoa Larrea: Co-Chair of the Debate Moderation Committee
  • Fernando Vidal-Ostos: Co-Chair of the National Relations Committee
  • Carmen Lara: Co-Chair of the National Relations Committee
  • Ana Díaz: Co-Chair of the Publicity Committee
  • Maria Corbi: Co-Chair of the Publicity Committee