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Aplicaciones anidadas


ISTUN Seminar Series

22 Octubre 2021 (zoom) COVID-19, reflexiones desde la ciencia.

Join us at the 2nd ISTUN seminar series. We invite researchers within a broad scientific knowledge, covering innovative investigation in both basic and applied approaches in Tropical Health.

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March 11th, 2021 (zoom) Global Challenges and Young Scientists’ Collaboration

This student-driven initiative is supported by several European academic and research institutions like the Institute of Tropical Health of the University of Navarra (ISTUN), the Spanish Society of Tropical Medicine and International Health (SEMTSI) and the Spanish Society of Parasitology (SOCEPA).

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4 and 5 May 2017 IV Symposium of Tropical Health

IV Symposium of Tropical Health/COST Action CM 1307 (WG3 and WG4) Joint Meeting “Priorities in Tropical Health and parasite-borne disease: new drugs with new targets, and how to deliver them”

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10 December 2020 IV Workshop on Tropical Health

Join us at the IV Workshop on Tropical Health. We invite contributions within a broad range of topics, covering the advanced research in both basic and applied approaches in Tropical Health.

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