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Brief information

The environmental and landscapes program is an eductional project specially designed for students with a degree in Environmental Science and a joint degree in Biology and Environmental Science from the University of Navarra.

Its mission is to promote a deep scientific and cultural understanding of the inter-relationship between humans and the earth.

The program is neither an add-on course nor a specific subject, but rather a specific methodology of integrated learning as part of the overall academic program.

What this means is that the program is based on spending the majority of time doing practical fieldwork, separated into 3 different geographical scales: local, regional, and international.

Students will do a minimum of 120 days’ field work during the degree, divided into 40 separate trips which can be regional, national and international.

The program is equivalent to 20 ECTS credits, and involves the collaboration of universities from different countries.

Accommodation, transport and education costs are covered by the registration process, without any additional payment required.

Finally, the “environment and landscapes program” is not evaluated with normal exams, but rather through the evaluation of learning from the students’ fieldwork.

We seek a critical and integrated understanding of the enormous challenges which are derived from the relationship between humans and the earth.