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Nursing Summer School

What is the NSS about?

A unique opportunity for international nursing students to participate in a one-week program of annual nursing summer schools

The chance to learn about and critically analyze health care systems and the current challenges for nursing profession, in an intercultural context. The NSS provides a thorough historical, sociopolitical, and cultural perspective on health and health care services in Spain.

The experience of working alongside nursing students from different countries and contexts. 

The academic program focuses on offering the students a global and international vision of the challenges that present-day professional nurses face, specifically in Spain and at the University of Navarra. The salutogenic perspective in mental health; nurses in the media; promoting a healthy university; advance practice nursing; person-centred care; will be presented on the course. Likewise, students will have a simulated clinical experience.



Clara Cabrera

Facultad de Enfermería

Clara Cabrera

C/ Irunlarrea, 1

31009 Pamplona, España

+34 948 425600