Monday May 10th

10.00h // Intro to festival and PSQM  

Jane Turner 

Marie Anne Reynell

10.00h // What Juan did – “PSQM has been the greatest discovery in my career as a teacher”. The Irabia experience of PSQM  

Juan Galarraga  

Liz Lawrence 

10.00h // Creating and implementing a vision for primary science  

Jane Turner  

Tuesday May 11th

10.00h // What Juan did- “making greater use of experiments and outdoor learning”. 

Juan Galarraga 

Jane Turner – science enquiry (brief intro)

10.00h // Increasing practical work  

Jason Harding

10.00h // Learning science outdoors 

Helen Spring 

Wednesday May 12th

10.00h // What Juan did –“ the real uses of science” 

Juan Galarraga  

Jane Turner- Science capital – brief intro 

10.00h // Working with industry  

Joy Parvin

10.00h // Gender bias

Fran Gale   

Alex Farrer 

Thursday May 14th

10.00h // What Juan did- “children communicating their ideas with others” 

Juan Galarraga  

Jane Turner- dialogic teaching (brief intro)

10.00h // Talk and science  

Ali Eley

10.00h // Asking scientific questions 

Bryony Turford