International Media Program

The International Media Program (IMP), a pioneer in Spain, is an own program of the School of Communication at the University of Navarra designed to prepare communication professionals with an international profile.

The globalization of content and audiences, and the proliferation of multinational media companies, has led to a high demand for graduates capable of addressing international and multicultural audiences.

The IMP is a program of excellence, designed for students with high proficiency in English and a clear international calling characterized by:

International Education
The completion of a semester or a full academic year (during the third year) at top level universities of the United States, Europe, Asia or the Pacific, allows the student to set up a curriculum with highly innovative courses that are not covered by existing curricula in Spain.

Offer of IMP courses
Students will have the opportunity to study some subjects in English whose contents look far beyond national borders.

Professional experience
The IMP includes developing an internship in an international media company.

  • Admission

    • Application:
      Students apply for the program on the same application form as they do for any of the three degrees of the Faculty of Communication (Film-TV-Radio, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations), indicating the chosen degree + IMP.
    • Admission:
      To study the IMP, it is necessary that the student has been admitted to the School of Communication (admission test and interview) and presented an official English diploma in the main offices of the University of Navarra.

    The following English titles are admitted:

    - TOEFL: 80 points or higher on the internet based TOEFL (iBT)

    - Cambridge: Advanced or Proficiency

    - IELTS: score of 6.5 points or higher

    The title should be presented in the main offices of the university in the time of enrollment.

    • Price:

    Conducting the IMP does not involve any additional cost to the ordinary registration of the School of Communication at the University of Navarra. However you have to take into account the costs that result from a stay in a foreign university (travel, visa, accommodation and meals).

    • Recommendations on the official English title:

    The School of Communication recommends the applicants to be in possession of the TOEFL diploma, because it is the most recognized and accepted English title by our partner universities.

    Many U.S. universities require a TOEFL score of 100 points or higher to be admitted as an exchange student. It is advisable for first-year students to retake the TOEFL exam during their summer holidays as means to improve their overall score. Students who have a TOEFL score of 100 points or higher will have a wider range of destinations to choose from.

    The host universities require the TOEFL diploma not to be older than two years at the time of presenting the application forms.

    The recommendations made above are to indicate that the IMP is a program that requires a high command of English. It is the only way to guarantee that the students can meet the demands of an abroad exchange in a prestigious foreign university.

  • Configuration

    The IMP requires the completion of at least 48 credits in English, from a total of 240 credits that form the degree. The necessary amount of credits can be achieved by doing each of the three pillars of the program:


    IMP Pillars:

    1. Program-specific courses (15 credits)

    At least five of the courses that are offered as part of the IMP must be undertaken. The five courses (three credits each) add up for a total of fifteen credits.

    2. Third-year exchange at an abroad university for a semester (30 credits) or a whole academic year (60 credits)

    To qualify for an abroad university the IMP students will follow the same criteria as for any other Partner Universities of the School of Communication: academic record and language qualification required by the host university. The Faculty publishes these requirements in The Exchange Manual when making the call for the exchange applications.

    3. Summer Internship in 3rd year (up to 3 credits)

    Regarding the international internship, to access an open position the specified requirements must be meet: language level, transcripts or any other aspect of the CV. Offers will be accessed from the internship management system (GEUN) in a competitive process. The practices are often carried out during the summer of 3rd year, once the students have completed the courses in their abroad university.

  • Requirements for permanence

    The title is obtained after accomplishing the three pillars of the program:

    1. The IMP courses
    2. The abroad exchange
    3. The international internship

    There are several requirements (academic record, level of English, etc.) when applying for an abroad university or when participating in a selection process for an internship.

    Students who have not achieved one of the three pillars of the program (for not complying with the minimum requirements) will not have the possibility of obtaining the diploma of the program.

    The IMP is therefore a program of arrival. Only students who have been able to accumulate sufficient merits over the 4 year of their degree obtain the title.

  • Offer of IMP courses

    First-year compulsory courses:

    • Communication History

    • Global Communication

    • Effective Speaking and Writing

    Elective courses (third and forth year)

    • Strategies in Fashion Communication

    • Convergence

    • International Relations

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