Current seminars


  • all the seminars take place on Thursdays at 12:10, unless otherwise indicated below


Thursday, 20th

Rangan Gupta (University of Pretoria)

Socio-political instability and growth dynamics

Thursday, 27th  

Karol M. Klimczak [internal]

Using linguistic tone to signal management expectations in letters to shareholders


Thursday, 04th

Chloé Le Coq (Stockholm School of Economics)

How do social entrepreneurs respond to reward? A field experiment on motivation

Thursday, 11th

Kenza Benhima (Université de Lausanne)

Money and capital in a persistent liquidity trap

Thursday, 18th

Nuno José Lopes [internal]

Doing worse but feeling better: Consequences of collective choice

Thursday, 25th

Ignacio Rodríguez Carreño [internal]

Johansen’s cointegration test empowerment via wavelets 


Tuesday, 06th

Mar Reguant (Northwestern University) 

Cap-and-trade and leakage risk

Thursday, 08th

Elena Reutskaja (IESE Business School)

Choice overload reduces neural signatures of choice set value in dorsal striatum and anterior circulate cortex

Thursday, 15th

Nicola Borri (LUISS Guido Carli)

The cross-section of cryptocurrency returns

Thursday, 22nd

Andrei Shleifer (Harvard University)

Instability from Beliefs.

Friday, 23rd   

Rafel Crespi (University of Balearic Islands)

Gender diversity in the boardroom: The contribution of women director.


Friday, 7th  

Francesca Carta (Bank of Italy)

The Effect of a Longer Working Horizon on Individual and Family Labour Supply.

Andrea Polo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Hedger of Last Resort: Evidence from Brazilian FX Interventions, Local Credit, and Global Financial Cycles.


  • all the seminars take place on Thursdays at 12:10, unless otherwise indicated below


Thursday, 17th  

Guillem Ripoll (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)

In charge of safeguarding the public interest: the role of goal clarity in shaping public service motivation and the tolerance of unethical behaviors. – Job market seminar.

Thursday, 24th  

Paolo Roberti (University of Bergamo)

Who is in for a party (and for what)? Party ideology, policies and politicians. – Job market seminar.

Thursday, 31st  

Robert Sudgen (University of East Anglia)

The community of advantage: a behavioural economist's defence of the market.


Thursday, 7th 

Wojciech Przychodzen (Deusto)

Corporate sustainability and CEO-employee pay gap – buster or booster? – Job market seminar.

Monday, 18th 

Kleio Akrivou (Henley Business School)

The Moral Psychology of Practical Wisdom for Business and Management. – Job market seminar.

Thursday, 21st 

Jiyuan Dai (IESE)

Towards Boards of Supervisors? Fit and Proper Assessments by the European Central Bank. – Job market seminar.

Thursday, 28th 

Andres Gago (CEMFI)

Confrontation Costs in Negotiations. – Job market seminar.


Thursday, 14th 

Erich Gundlach (University of Hamburg)

A hump-shaped growth-income path as a general pattern of long-run development.

Thursday, 21st 

Andrea Saenz de Viteri [internal]

Constitutional Power Concentration and Corruption: Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Thursday, 28th 

Luca Paolo Merlino (University of Antwerp)

Debunking rumors in networks


Thursday, 4th 

Nizar Allouch (University of Kent)

Default and coordination in financial networks.

Thursday, 11th 

José Azar (IESE)

Oligopoly, Macroeconomic Performance, and Competition Policy.


Thursday, 2nd   

Sébastien Fosse (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja)

Protecting Socioemotional Wealth in the Face of Adversity

Monday, 6th   

Santiago Mejia (Fordham)

The Embedded Self: Character as Malleable.

Thursday, 16th    

Robert Kollmann (ECARES)

Stationary Bubbles in Non-Linear Business Cycle Models.

Thursday, 23rd    

Marcel Meyer [internal]

Speak up! How practical wisdom in leaders enables more responsible and sustainable organizations.

Thursday, 30th    

Giuseppe Bruno (University of Naples Federico II)

The impact of deregulation policies in essential public services: evidence from the case of Pamplona in the field of retail pharmaceutical sector.