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Workshop International Seminar on "Building Energy Performance"


Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

08:00 – 08:15

Reception of participants

08:15 – 08:30


08:30 – 08:50

Presentation of Adapt4EE projectCERTH (Project Coordinator)

08:50 – 09:10

Business Process Modelling/ Building Information Modelling Alignment and Integration - BOC

09:10 – 09:30

Image-Based Occupancy Detection and Analysis - CERTH

09:30 – 09:50

Pilot Sites Presentation and Installations - UNAV

09:50 – 10:30

Adapt4EE Building Simulation Environment - ALMENDE

10:30 – 11:00

Adapt4EE Visual Analytics Tool - HYPERTECH

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee break

11:30 – 14:00

Hands-on Workshop and Evaluation Session


End of the International Seminar and Workshop with final catering for all the participants



The International Seminar will start with a presentation of the work carried out in the FP7 project ADAPT4EE ‘Occupant Aware, Intelligent and Adaptive Enterprises' on the subject of this International Seminar. Several experts from the areas of Business Process Management, Telemetry and Remote Asset Management, Building Simulation, New Business Models & Modern Communication systems, have been invited to deliver the keynote presentations.

ALMENDE B.V. is a high-tech commercial research company researching and developing self-organized critical agent-based solutions to sustain and improve the coalition formation and coordination of communication and collaboration across evolving networks of humans and existing ICT infrastructures.

BOC, is a software development house and a consultant in the field of IT-supported management approaches. The main business field and its origin is Business Process Management with the toolkit ADONIS®. Today BOC offers modelling tools for strategy management (ADOscore®), business process management (ADONIS®), logistics (ADOlog®) and ITinfrastructure and IT-architecture management (ADOit®).

CERTH/ITI is one of the leading Institutions of Greece in the fields of Informatics, Telematics and Telecommunications, with long experience in numerous European and national R&D projects. CERTH/ITI has participated in more than 60 research projects funded by the European Commission and more than 85 research projects funded by Greek National Research Programmes and Consulting Subcontracts with the Private Sector (I&T Industry).

HYPERTECH. The company was created by executives with long experience in the field of IT, Social Media, Customer Relationship Management and Consumer Marketing. The amalgam of their expertise creates a competitive advantage in the field of new means of communication and places Hypertech in a leading position. Hypertech is partner of the biggest IT houses and has been certified as Ascentn - Agile Point BPMS Suite Provider, Microsoft Solution Provider, RedDot Solutions Partner, Oracle Business Partner, IBM Business Partner.

UNAV. The Building Services and Energy Section of the School of Architecture of Universidad de Navarra (UNAV) has a main research line titled ‘Integration of Installations and Energy in Architecture and Town Planning'. In this way, this department counts with several researches with experience in complex building projects such as hospitals, auditoriums or museums. It has a group of architects (not only engineers) capable to integrate sophisticated technological systems in buildings.

Following the 4 keynote presentations, a Workshop will be performed. In this Workshop, a new software tool will be presented and the participants will use the tool analyse the tool in order to give their feedback in a final questionnaire. 

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