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Transfer | Upper Courses 2022/2023

Students from other medical programs may apply for admission and enter after year one by applying as a transfer if they meet the requirements established by the School of Medicine at the University of Navarra:

• GPA from 1st year of baccalaureate (or equivalent) equal to or greater than 7 out of 10.

• Qualification in the University Access Test (Selectivity or EvAU / EBAU), or UNEDasiss Specific competency Tests (PCE), equal to or greater than 12.6 out of 14.

• All subjects passed by academic year in the Degree in Medicine until the date of the application for admission.

Once the application has been submitted, #MedUNAV will study the candidacy in an individually way and will grant or not the admission based on the availability of places in the course to which the student wishes to join, the concordance of the syllabus and the academic performance obtained in the university of origin.

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The application must be completed through the Portal miUNAV within the established deadlines and provide the flowing documentation:

• Letter of statement explaining why the transfer is requested.

• Photocopy of the University Entrance Test card (Selectivity or EvAU / EBAU) or equivalent.

• Certificate of university studies taken to date, including the qualifications of the first semester from the current academic year. Once the application is processed, the second semester grades will also be requested from the current academic year.

• Application period: from March 1 to April 9, 2022.

• Admission decision: Throughout the month of May, 2022.

Together with the admission decision, the School of Medicine will notify the candidate if the possibility exists to approve credits passed from other universities. The recognition of credit is not automatic and is at the discretion of the academic leaders from the University of Navarra.

Candidates enrolled in medical degree programs at another university must select one following application options:

• Admission to upper courses – transfers described in this section.

• First year admission to the Degree in Medicine or the Degree in Medicine + International Program (see profiles). This option eliminates the recognition of credits for courses previously completed.