Analytic Theology and the Richness of Classical Theism: An Interview with Eleonore Stump

 -Agustín Echevarría  -Eleonore Stump

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In this interview Prof. Eleonore Stump speaks about the causes of the emergence of Analytic Philosophical Theology within the analytic tradition; the advantages of maintaining the traditional picture of perfect being theology with regards to divine attributes; her conception about the importance of biblical narratives in facing the problem of suffering; and the importance of university involvement in research on philosophical theology.

Palabras clave

Analytic Theology; Divine Simplicity; Suffering and Evil


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Universidad de Navarra

Eleonore Stump e-mail (Inicie sesión)
Robert J. Henle Professor of Philosophy
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, MO.
Estados Unidos


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