La alternativa de E. Lévinas a la versión moderna de la universalidad de los derechos humanos

 -Javier Barraca

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The Lévinas' thought about human rights always shows a personal and original in-depth search around those topics. Is precisely in this context, where his particular critic to the modern, formalistic, rationalistic and kantian must be placed. Here lies his propose about a conception of the "universality" of human rights, based on the concepts of the different and the unique. These concepts are related with levinasian topics those like: human responsability, relationship, duty, the other and the others, difference, subjectivity, happening, heteronomy, passivity, sensibility, face, and other like.

Palabras clave

Lévinas; Kant; human rights; human dignity; universality; event; the other; sensibility; the face; difference; passivity


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