La paradoja de la prohibición de prohibir y el sueño libertario de 1968

 -Lorenzo Peña

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A reasoning in accordance with legal logic evinces the damaging consequences following from a principle forbidding all prohibitions. Such a farfetched aspiration fits in with a craving for the utmost freedom. Nomologic analysis shows such a craving to be unattainable and self-destructive. I propose instead an alternative meta-legal criterion, faithful to a liberal inspiration, which -within the framework of a pluralistic and gradual is tic axiology-acknowledges the value of freedom as one which is not subservient to any other. This value is implemented in particular bundles of liberties depending on the historic and social circumstances; unavoidably such an implementation gives rise to collisions, not only among sundry concrete liberties but also between freedom and other high-rank values.

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