Miraculous Images in Spain and Russia. A Comparative Study

 -Denis Fedosov

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It is obvious that Spain and Russia are very different countries. But comparing certain elements of their religious systems, one may observe many correspondences. Miraculous images, in Spain more often statues, in Russia – paintings, are discovered under supernatural circumstances. The Virgin or a saint appears personally and speak about some image that is hidden nearby. Later a church appears, a place of popular worship and a center of pilgrimage. There are many various supplications, first of all prayers for the sick. Material and spiritual offerings are also very different. The faithful always want to bring something back from the shrine. People primarily venerate a particular image. We are encountering the phenomenon of religious syncretism.

Palabras clave

Spain; Russia; Miraculous images; Sculpture and painting of the Virgin; Pilgrimage; Popular devotion; Religious syncretism


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