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Rethinking historical genres in the twenty-first century

Título de la revista: RETHINKING HISTORY
ISSN: 1364-2529
Volumen: 19
Número: 2
Páginas: 145-157
Fecha de publicación: 2015
In the context of the freedoms inspired by postmodernism and enabled by the development of innovative textual and graphic platforms, new theories of history view genres as flexible living forms that inspire more creative and experimental representations of the past. Creative historical writing is thus challenging conventional genre categorization. New ways of articulating history compete with the traditional model of historical prose. Indeed, the twenty-first century has witnessed a proliferation of new forms of history, including film and documentaries, social media, graphic novels, video games and re-enactments, historical novels and biopics, as well as innovations in first-person narratives such as historical witness, synthetic memories, and travel writing. Acknowledging the current diversity in theories and practices, and assuming the historicity of historical genres, this introduction engages the reality of historical genres today and explores new directions in historical practice by examining these new forms of representing the past. Thus, without denying the validity of traditional and conventional forms of history (and arguing that these forms remain valid), this themed issue surveys the production of what might be considered new historical genres practised today, focusing in particular on experimental forms.