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A new species of Homidia from China, and description of the dorsal chaetotaxy of all Chinese Homidia species (Collembola: Entomobryidae)

Autores: Jia, S. B.; Zhang, Y. P.; Zhao, Y.; Jordana Butticaz, Rafael
Título de la revista: Zootaxa (Print Edition)
ISSN: 1175-5326
Número: 2683
Páginas: 23 - 34
Fecha de publicación: 2010
In the present paper a new species, Homidia sichuanensis Jia, Zhang & Jordana sp. nov. from West China, is described and figured. The new species is separated from the other Homidia by the presence of macrochaeta p4 on Th. III and the distribution of macrochaetae on A6-A10 areas of Abd. IV. Using the description of this new species, the generalized chaetotaxy for Homidia is described and figured, following Szeptycki (1979) and Jordana and Baquero (2005). Dorsal macrochaetotaxy of all known Homidia species from China are provided. For first time we give the chaetotaxy for H. phjongiangica Szeptycki, 1973 from types, H. sauteri (Borner, 1909) from Japanese material, H. sinensis Denis, 1929 from types, H. socia Denis, 1929 from Japanese material and H. transitoria Denis, 1929 from types. A key to the Chinese species of Homidia with known chaetotaxy are also given.