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Effects of alpha-lipoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid in overweight and obese women during weight loss

Título de la revista: OBESITY
ISSN: 1930-7381
Volumen: 23
Número: 2
Páginas: 313 - 321
Fecha de publicación: 2015
Objective To evaluate the potential body weight-lowering effects of dietary supplementation with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and ¿-lipoic acid separately or combined in healthy overweight/obese women following a hypocaloric diet. Methods This is a short-term double-blind placebo-controlled study with parallel design that lasted 10 weeks. Of the randomized participants, 97 women received the allocated treatment [Control, EPA (1.3 g/d), ¿-lipoic acid (0.3 g/d), and EPA¿+¿¿-lipoic acid (1.3 g/d¿+¿0.3 g/d)], and 77 volunteers completed the study. All groups followed an energy-restricted diet of 30% less than total energy expenditure. Body weight, anthropometric measurements, body composition, resting energy expenditure, blood pressure, serum glucose, and insulin and lipid profile, as well as leptin and ghrelin levels, were assessed at baseline and after nutritional intervention. Results Body weight loss was significantly higher (P¿<¿0.05) in those groups supplemented with ¿-lipoic acid. EPA supplementation significantly attenuated (P¿<¿0.001) the decrease in leptin levels that occurs during weight loss. Body weight loss improved lipid and glucose metabolism parameters but without significant differences between groups. Conclusions The intervention suggests that ¿-lipoic acid supplementation alone or in combination with EPA may help to promote body weight loss in healthy overweight/obese women following energy-restricted diets.