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Trust and Suspicion as Principles of Discourse Analysis
Libro: Language Use in the Public Sphere: Methodological Perspectives and Empirical Applications
Lugar de Edición: Bern
Editorial: Peter Lang
Fecha de publicación: 2014
Página Inicial - Final: 53 - 78
ISBN: 978-3-0343-1286-8
Resumen: In this chapter, the author discusses influential perspectives on language and discourse in the modern era (in Nietzsche, analytic philosophy, Wittgenstein, Ogden and Richards, etc.) focussing on the underlying epistemological attitude of suspicion. Coseriu¿s critique of the polar-opposite attitudes of overconfidence (logicism) and excessive suspicion (antilogicism) with respect to language is analyzed. The conclusion comprises an overview of various contemporary formulations of a general principle of trust, referred to variously by renowned scholars as the cooperative principle (Grice), the principle of trust (Coseriu), and the principle of relevance (Sperber and Wilson)