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Use of fibrin sealant (Vivostat) in skull base surgery

ISSN: 0194-5998
Volumen: 143
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Fecha de publicación: 2010
OBJECTIVE Fibrin sealants are widely used as topical hemostatic agents, sealants and tissue adhesives that contain fibrinogen and thrombin. They have become a valuable adjunct in a broad range of surgical procedures (neurosurgery, skull base surgery) to control bleeding, to provide a firm seal in seconds to minutes and to promote tissue growth and repair. A large number of clinical applications are referenced in the medical literature, from closures of fistula to seroma prevention. Provide information about the usefulness and results of fibrin sealants in skull base surgery at our institution. Previous Section Next Section METHOD We present our experience with Vivostat (a patient-derived fibrin sealant, only available in Europe), which was used in 36 patients that were operated for skull base or sinus pathology at the University Clinic of Navarra. Previous Section Next Section RESULTS The experience encompasses Selar pathology (pituitary adenomas), CSF fistulas, vestibular schwannomas, cholesteatoma, carcinoma and endoscopic sinus surgery. We applied Vivostat since it has the advantage of being a patient-derived hemostat and sealant with an efficient component mix and a delivery dosage control. We did not have any complications regarding the use of this product and our results were satisfactory. Previous Section CONCLUSION Fibrin sealant Vivostat has been used as a useful sealant and tissue adhesive with enhanced elasticity and tensile strength that allows a safer and better performance of wound management, especially in skull base surgery.