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Supervaluationism and classical logic

Libro: Vagueness in communication
Lugar de Edición: Bordeaux
Editorial: Springer Berlin/Heidelberg 
Fecha de publicación: 2011
Página Inicial - Final: 51 - 63
ISBN: 978-3-642-18445-1
Resumen: The supervaluationist theory of vagueness provides a notion of logical consequence that is akin to classical consequence. In the absence of a definitely operator, supervaluationist consequence coincides with classical consequence. In the presence of `definitely¿, however, supervaluationist logic gives raise to counterexamples to classically valid patterns of inference. Foes of supervaluationism emphasize the last result to argue against the supervaluationist theory. This paper shows a way in which we might obtain systems of deduction adequate for supervaluationist consequence based on systems of deduction adequate for classical consequence. Deductions on the systems obtained this way adopt a completely classical form with the exception of a single step. The paper reviews (at least part of) the discussion on the non-classicality of supervaluationist logic under the light of this result.