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Caracterización y variabilidad de los informes de evaluación de medicamentos en la página web del grupo GENESIS de la SEFH

Autores: Ortega Eslava, Ana; Puigventós-Latorre, F.; Santos-Ramos, B.; Calderón-Hernánz, B.; Vilanova-Bolto, M.; GENESIS
Título de la revista: FARMACIA HOSPITALARIA
ISSN: 1130-6343
Volumen: 35
Número: 3
Páginas: 140 - 147
Fecha de publicación: 2011
OBJECTIVE: To analyse the assessment reports published on the GENESIS webpage (Group for Innovation, Assessment, Standardisation and Research in the Selection of Drugs) and assess the variability of the group's proposals to include drugs in the Formulary. METHOD: We analysed reports published by hospitals on the GENESIS webpage between 2004 and 2007. Data were collected on drugs and indications, ATC group, open or restricted access publications, hospital, and publication date. We drafted a questionnaire that would measure to what extent to what extent the 9-section model recommended by GENESIS was included in each report. For drugs with two or more reports, we analysed whether the recommendation coincided and the possible cause in the event of conflict. RESULTS: We analysed 416 reports corresponding to 185 different drug indications. 93% included 6 or more of the recommended sections, a number which increased over time. The most frequently included sections were: approved indications (92%), mechanism of action (95%), and references (86%) (percentages from 2007). Sections which had an increasing but lower percentage were: differential characteristics (60%), literature search method (40%) and conclusions with a summary of efficacy, safety and cost data (52%). 73% of which had definite recommendations, which coincided for 42 out of the 67 drugs with more than one recommendation report. CONCLUSIONS: The work carried out by the GENESIS group has enabled S