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A homeopathic perspective on Tarantism and Music Therapy: Dr. Núñez (1864)

Título de la revista: MEDICINA AND STORIA
ISSN: 1722-2206
Volumen: XIII
Número: 3
Páginas: 89 - 112
Fecha de publicación: 2013
We show that tarantism was well known among the homeopaths in 19th century. Particularly, we analyse the book Medical study of the tarantula venom following the Hahnemann method (Madrid, 1864) published by José Núñez, one of the most important Spanish representatives of homeopathy during 19th century. We observe that the homeopathic perspective of tarantism accentuates vitalistic and empirical aspects, and is based on the extemporal analysis of earlier medical writings. We establish the sources on the tarantism in this period. Núñez maintained that music had a direct influence on organic structures such as the brain, as had been stated in previous centuries, but now he based the theory on his experience of the pathogenesis. The longest section of Núñez¿ treatise is dedicated to experiments with tarantula venom. The book is a milestone in the history of tarantism and music therapy with a new perspective which completes the lengthy course of this phenomenon to the present.