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The Freest Market in the World: The Constitutional Logic of Economic Liberty in China's Hong Kong

Autores: Villalta Puig, Gonzalo; Ip, E. C.
Lugar de Edición: London-New York
Editorial: Routledge
Fecha de publicación: 2023
ISBN: 9781032419718
Número de páginas: 204
Resumen: On the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People¿s Republic of China, this book presents the first monographic study of the Hong Kong Basic Law as an economic document. The Basic Law codifies what Gonzalo Villalta Puig and Eric C Ip call free market constitutionalism, the logic of Hong Kong¿s economic liberty as the freest market economy in the world. This book, which is the outcome of several years of study with the financial support of the General Research Fund of Hong Kong¿s Research Grants Council, evaluates the public choice rationale of the Basic Law and its projection on the Hong Kong economy, with a focus on the policy development of economic liberty both internally and externally. In the academic tradition of James M Buchanan¿s constitutional political economy, the book opens with a conceptualisation of free market constitutionalism in Hong Kong. It studies the origins of this concept in the 19th-century classically liberal common law and how it developed into a Hayekian laissez-faire convention under British colonial rule, was codified into the Basic Law and is interpreted and applied by the branches of the Government of the Region. The book closes with remarks on the future of Hong Kong¿s free market constitutionalism in face of recent challenges as the year 2047 approaches and the 50 years of `unchanged¿ capitalist system under the Basic Law pass. This book will appeal to students, scholars and practitioners of law, economics, political science and public administration. It will especially appeal to those with an interest in Hong Kong law, international economic law or comparative constitutional law.