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Libro: Care relationship and well-being for elderly person. Pedagogical reflections and good practices
Autores: Musaio, M.; Chrost, S.; Urpí Guercia, Carmen
Lugar de Edición: Milán
Editorial: EDUCatt
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Página Inicial - Final: 7-11
ISBN: 979-12-5535-076-7
Resumen: Elderly life is to be seen not only as the outcome of factors and conditions that recall the onset of pathologies but also as a set of potential, resources, relational skills that summarize the existential becoming of the person. The volume 'Care relationship and Well-being for Elderly person: Pedagogical reflections and Good practices' aims to share research and reflection to help rais awareness of a different narration of the elderly condition getting inspiration by a pedagogical perspective at the same time interpretative, reflective and practical, to support promotional actions towards the elderly person in the contexts of care, educational and pedagogical services, cultural and artistic projects. The contributions of the volume converge on a ¿pedagogy of the elderly¿ for reconsidering our way of seeing and thinking about the elderly. The most widespread cultural stereotypes can be deconstructed by developping a wide-ranging attention and by approaching to elderly care and health commitment as relational and promotional task.